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Private Training

Weight Loss and Toning


Losing weight and toning can be difficult, but it all depends on how you see and approach it.  Bree will help you find ways to enjoy your workout experience so that it will be something you look forward to instead of avoiding.  She uses many different techniques such as plyometrics, TRX, spinning, cardio bursts, core work and weight training to customize your workouts specifically for you. You’ll finish every training session feeling energized and focused.  You will be relaxed and full of life, excited about the improvement of your physical body as well as clarity and calmness of your mind.




After an injury, physical or mental, it can be hard to get the motivation to get back on the track to health and happiness.  Bree can ease you back into better shape than you ever have been before with her attentive healing energy and vast knowledge and experience of working through injuries and pre and post surgeries.  She is intuitive and knows just how hard to push you to get you through the uncomfortable times and on to the pain free life you deserve.



Stretching is the most underestimated and overlooked part of a complete workout.  Bree will safely and comfortably stretch you at the end of every private training session.  She will teach you how to stretch properly to promote the fastest recovery of the body in a safe an effective way.  The more limber and flexible you become the greater your life force.

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