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Pilates was developed in the 1920’s by Joseph H. Pilates, who was a physical trainer and the founder of The New York Pilates Studio®. It was initially created for rehabilitation, but was later adopted by dancers and athletes and is now utilized by millions. Pilates involves a series of controlled movements that engage both the body and mind; utilizing specifically designed exercise apparatus supervised by highly trained teachers. The primary focus is on awareness of the spine, proper breathing, core strength and flexibility. The outcome of Pilates training is a balanced body which is strong and at the same time supple. 
Traditional Pilates Classes



Bree teaches traditional Pilates classes on the Reformer, Cadillac, Ladder Barrel, and Wonder Chair. Classes focus on building strength without bulk, improving flexibility and agility, and helping to prevent injury.

Mat Pilates and Meditation Classes



A combintion of Mat Pilates and Kundalini Yoga meditation that focuses on stregthening the navel and directing the energy into a powerful meditation.

Private and Semi-Private Sessions



Bree offers customized private sessions to work on manifesting personal growth and goals. She creates routines that are catered to your specific mental and physical needs. 

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